Big Bear Travel Post #1


“It’s time for a new adventure.” -Anonymous


Hello Everyone! Welcome to my first ever travel post. Exciting isn’t it? I have done a decent amount of traveling in my life. Props to my mom who saved money and wanted to show me the world. As a kid, it was just my mom and I. We had a blast going on adventures to new places, but this post isn’t about those adventures.

I’m writing this post about Big Bear, CA. The city was officially introduced to me by my boyfriend. Before you judge, I’ve always known what Big Bear was, given that I have grown up in Southern California most of my life. However, I had never been there before and my boyfriend had. His grandfather actually lives up there!

One winter, my boyfriend and his family had decided to spend New Years in his grandpa’s cabin. They had invited me up with them. I wasn’t able to spend the whole week with them but I was able to spend a day and a night. Unfortunately, there wasn’t that much snow at the time. Actually…there was barely any at all. Which sucked for me because I hadn’t really seen snow.

We hadn’t done much in the day that I got to spend with them but we were able to go tubing. My first time tubing and it was super fun. My boyfriend, his sister, and I would go down together holding each others tubes, screaming in delight while trying to keep each other tied together. Yes, tubing might be more of a family/kid snow activity but I had a blast.

The cabin is located right next to mountains. All we needed to do was walk down the street and into the woods we went. The three of us, traveled a little ways into the woods till we found some snow that hadn’t melted away yet. We decided to play a little game of snowball but as we soon found out it wasn’t as easy as we thought. All of us heading back to the cabin a short time later.

While my first time in Big Bear, CA was small it opened up a new adventure. For weeks after I would constantly talk about the beautiful city. Everything about the new place was a wonder in my eyes. Since then I have been to Big Bear several times. Two of those several times it was just my boyfriend and I. Recently, I was able to show my mom around Big Bear and now she absolutely loves the city just as much. Now there is talk of possibly moving up to Big Bear. Not that I wouldn’t love that but the moving is going to have to wait.

As my visits to Big Bear continue to increase, I will hopefully gather enough information for my readers to write a little guide about the city.

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