Failure or Success? Baked Donuts Ver.


“Life is what you bake it.”


   One day, I was going through the small kitchen cabinets when I stumbled upon (more of just a saw they were laying there) the doughnut…baked…tray…things? LIGHTBULB! ‘What if I make doughnuts for Christmas breakfast? Yes! I’ll make them and they’ll be amazing and everyone will be all “Ashlee, you’re such an amazing baker” and I’ll be all “Aww thanks guys. I just whipped it out really quick.” Yes, I’ll make doughnuts.’ (Literally, my thought process every time I make something) Thus, began my plan to make doughnuts for Christmas breakfast.

    Might have been one or two Christmases ago that my mom bought me the doughnut tray to bake doughnuts. Of course, I haven’t really used them as much as I thought I would and as much as I should. I made doughnuts with the trays maybe once before? I don’t remember it completely. The glaze recipe I used on these doughnuts did not work out how I wanted them to at all. The glaze went right through the doughnut and made it all oily. The kind of oily that a person gets from their hair. I think that was my fault though because I used two different recipes.

     Instead of just using the doughnut recipe from the website I used the glaze recipe from it, it would have worked out. However, the doughnut recipe itself had to be cooked in oil and I didn’t want to do that. Am I making any sense?

1. I can’t use oil to make the doughnuts because my mom would be extremely mad at me 

2. If I cooked them in oil, then the doughnut tray thing would be useless…

    THEREFORE, it did not work.

   The second (I guess) baked doughnut recipe I tried came out quite a bit better. I was extremely proud of myself until the glaze decided that it did not like me at all and just…died?

   No, I don’t have any before, during, or after photos because I was making the doughnuts in a hurry. I can use funny pictures though! And tremendously descriptive writing to show you guys the pain that the doughnuts put me through!

   I used the same doughnut dough for all the doughnuts and two different toppings. The doughnut recipe I used was from ‘Moms Need to Know’ which you can read by clicking this link:

  The doughnut recipe didn’t turn out too bad. It was simple even to make, place in the tray, and put in the oven. The cook time for the doughnuts was perfect. I may have left them in the oven for a little longer just because you never know…


Mom: too many spices, felt like a heavy dough

Dad: taste was okay, felt heavy after eating

Boyfriend: good!

   The chocolate glaze that I used is from the same blog as above from ‘Moms Need to Know’. The chocolate glaze was simple and fun. I have experience with melting these chocolate melts before so it wasn’t too complicated to get started. Although, it was difficult to spread the chocolate around. I dipped the top of the doughnut in the chocolate and swirled it around but it didn’t cover the whole top. So, I used my handy-dandy brush thing that I use when I cook to go over the whole doughnut.


Mom: was good. (I think she tried it…)

Dad: Really good!

Boyfriend: Really good! (as well)

(I think the last two are biased ‘cause they love chocolate)

   The regular glaze I used is from ‘Sprinkle Some Sugar’, the link to this recipe is here:

     The glaze turned out to be rewarding and disappointing at the same time. The recipe was simple as well, no issues there. Just like the chocolate glaze, I dipped the top of the doughnut in the glaze and swirled it around. This time, it was a lot easier to get around the whole top of the doughnut. Super awesome because after I sat down one doughnut the glaze hardened. I was like ‘Cool! Its’s going to work out.’ It.did.not.

    I thought it would be a grand idea to place the doughnuts on a tray and cover them with aluminum foil while leaving them out on the kitchen table. BIG MISTAKE. I’m thinking that it’s probably because of condensation? The doughnuts became hot in the foil so the glaze just didn’t stay hard?

    Lesson of the Recipe:  The doughnuts weren’t terrible. I think I’m mostly disappointed in them because I don’t think I wanted to eat them and I felt distracted but they just didn’t look as awesome as I hoped. I didn’t fail at this recipe so I can always try it again!


Thanks for reading!



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