Mason’s Home

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” – Joseph Chilton Pearce


   It’s nice to meet you. I am Mason of Mason’s Most Unamazing Blog. Where do I start…? I am a girl who loves to write (and read). However, I have not found time for either in the last few years. How could I show the world my writing skills without trying to write a book? BLOG!

   Here I am, trying to write a blog. My theory behind this blog is in the title. I want to show its imperfections! Why? If you look around at many of the bloggers, youtubers, and social media peoples, you see perfection. People that run those sites are fantastic at what they do. How could I write a blog when I am not good at anything? What am I good at? Reading and writing… Okay… Book reviews? Not a bad idea. There had to be something else.

   The idea hit me when I was venting to my mom about how I can never do anything right the first time I do it. Why not write a blog about all the activities I mess up?

   My blog is made for those who are never perfect and keep trying despite failed attempts. I do hope that you guys come and stay for a while with me while I write my tales in baking, crafts, and my reading adventures.

   Disclaimer: Mason is a pen name. As I start my blog I would like my personal information to stay private until I feel comfortable enough to let it out in the world. Some of you may already know who I am and if you do please let me keep my privacy. I do not want to deceive my readers in any way possible that is why I am writing this disclaimer. Thank you all!

All the Best,