How To’s: Ways Not to Make Pumpkin Pie


“What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

-Robert Schuller


      In the ‘My Banana Pudding Dilemma’ post, I mentioned that I did not make pumpkin pie for dessert. Instead, we bought the pie just to be safe.  “Why?” you ask.  Apparently… I don’t know how to make pumpkin pie… Every year for the past 21 years, mom and I would make the pie for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Can I be honest here? Mom did most of the work and I believed that stirring the pumpkin pie mix together was super hard. Making pumpkin isn’t difficult especially when the directions are on the back of the can. HOWEVER, i managed to mess it up twice! haha..ha…. 

      I have actually made the pie by myself before ok? For some strange reason the last two times I made pumpkin pie it didn’t work out the way I wanted it to work out. 

      The first attempt, I believe, I had followed the recipe step by step off the back of the can. I seem to always have an issue with ovens. I either think it’s not done enough then it cooks too long or it’s done but it really isn’t. The later is what happened to the pumpkin pies the first time. I.did.not. cook them long enough.

Scene Setting: mom & daughter sitting on couch eating said pumpkin pies, watching TV

 *Chewing & Silence*

Daughter: I didn’t cook the pie long enough, did I?….

Mom: … No…

*End Scene*

      As you can tell it didn’t turn out very good. I need to add that the pie was not raw just not cooked like 3-5 minutes longer. 

      The second and most recent failed attempt at making pumpkin pie was when I was in a major rush. OF COURSE For some reason, that I can’t remember, I wanted to make the  pie THAT week. It just had to be that week or that exact day because I like to feel rushed when I actually have time. Therefore, One day after work I headed over to the Target store that was right across the street. I picked up some supplies THAT WAS like umm… an easy  pumpkin mix can? I believe… The can was sort of an off brand.. No! Just checked it. It actually was Libby’s recipe. It is literally called ‘Libby’s Easy Pumpkin Pie’. I also made the mistake of picking up a graham cracker crust. Why? I have no clue. 

      I make the pie the next day and it was so awful. In my opinion, it was horrible. I basically burnt the graham cracker crust because that kind of crust isn’t actually suppose to be baked. Part of the joy in eating pumpkin pie IS the crust. Thankfully, I only made that mistake once and also haven’t the opportunity to mess up the  pie since the last two times. 

    Finally, thanks for reading and I wanna hear your pumpkin pie stores in the comment section below. 



  1. tomatoe

    May 6, 2017 at 5:16 pm

    Ha Mason, that is freaking hilarious!! Stirring can be hard. I burn toast all the time.

    1. Mason

      May 17, 2017 at 3:03 pm

      Thank you! I don’t mean for it to be funny but I do appreciate the laughs! 😀

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